IC2 introduces numerous options across a wide range of areas in Minecraft, including resource processing, mining, agriculture and the participant's armory itself. Other variations of the FTB Mod Pack were created, including a Lite model, which slimmed down the record of mods to assist new users be taught the ins and outs with out being overwhelmed. A Magic World model, which targeted on mods of a magical nature, was also released. 3. Then in order for you, you can select a selected model, we will be leaving that to the latest and clicking the set up button. Once you start up the launcher, it might take some time to configure and download the most recent updates. While taking part in on other servers is still fun, hosting your own places you in control of the game. This Feed The Beast Minecraft server is completely free to play with no whitelist and can also be included in the Feed The Beast's Master Servers Record.