Step one is to create some form of walling around the village using blocks, equivalent to cobblestone or wooden. I enjoy the heck out of a holiday the primary 12 months Blizzard revamps one, but I do not trouble with it after that. Addon Highlight appears to be like for methods to spruce up the Blizzard Raid Frames. Gold Capped seems to be at balancing your inventory in the TradeSkillMaster addon. The one exception for this is the journey holidays like the Lunar Festival and the Fire Festival, because you get gold everywhere you go. Plus, this 12 months's Lunar Festival includes a pet, so in fact I'm doing it, as a result of I should catch all of them. So far as WoW holidays go, I am going by and doing them on my warlock. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) I'm really not going to be enjoying a lot this week in any respect — I've raiding on Sunday, but aside from that, I feel I will step away from the pc and continue working on various projects across the home. Adam Holisky (@AdamHolisky) I will be engaged on bringing my rogue up to 85, just for fun. Encrypted Text has more rogue suggestions for Firelands. WoW Insider's readers supply their speed leveling tips.