If you're working a public server, you will run into issues with gamers griefing spawn, different participant's builds, and extra. These menus will be completely custom and utilizing placeholders, they will hook into different plugins and display knowledge equivalent to stats, participant names, and many others. It's also possible to hook Deluxe Menus into BungeeCord if you are working a network server to display player counts, enable server switching, and extra. Truthfully, if you wish to customize your Minecraft server and make it really distinctive, look no additional than the menus which you can crate with Deluxe Menus. Because the title implies, DeluxeMenus means that you can create menus or GUIs in Minecraft. Nonetheless, as time has went on, players on Minecraft servers have began using commands much less and less instead utilizing GUIs. How are these GUIs created? In this server, the implications are dire. Beginning out as a survival server, LuthCraft grew to be top-of-the-line Full PvP Server out there with PvP occasions the place you'll be able to win enjoyable various items, this server is for anyone who enjoys the fun of battle. When a new player comes and joins your server, it could possibly sometimes be confusing from there perspective to know what to do subsequent.