If I was making an MMO, I would strongly consider adding a world chat channel that everybody on the server is in. Making sure that names are respectable (and also don't use particular characters) would possibly improve the overall setting. Players from 53 countries play daily and evening, making it a truly world community. Tobold asks what recreation corporations may do to build a greater neighborhood. There's an previous saying that “one rotten apple spoils the bunch.” Here, the idea is that a single malicious participant can destroy the neighborhood for quite a few other players. The tray is a single server in WoW Basic. When WoW Classic launches (Aug 27!) it will use a new tech for managing server populations known as “layers”. Known as Layering, the new system will help cut back queue times and enhance server stability for the launch of WoW Classic. High-finish maps would require teams to unlock the best of one of the best, but you possibly can think about the marketplace for all types of maps. Moreover, you probably did promote it for less than market price on your server, so it's not like you were making an attempt to benefit from the buyer. At the very least there is somebody that takes care of the server, administrators that take their time to answer questions, fix any existing bugs and supply the very best expertise for everyone.