This Minecraft server doesnt just provide prison video games. Browse Minecraft Prison servers and find yourself one of the best Prison server to play on. Gamers play as astronauts who are trying to flee from a space dungeon. Its a Minecraft prison server that is ready in space. Pluteria players can do many cool things on the server, including combating house monsters and exploring prison mines on totally different planets. MineVille is greatest identified for its common updates and extensive content, including custom enchantments, crates, chests, races, and much more. Best known for its glorious gameplay and the implementation of Tokens – used to enchant objects including pickaxes, axes, swords, and even armour. This server gives customized enchantments, job ranges, crates, chests, races, and even weddings. The server features some fairly neat plugins, akin to auctions, equipment pvp, Battle passes and quite a bit more! It features a prison ranking system, player-created plots and businesses, PvP groups, and a rewarding prison mining experience that never ends. Minecraft Prison servers are initially about mining, players cannot rankup and get to next Prison rank without Mining. This adds an entirely new dynamic to the sport that provides a risk/reward issue to anybody attempting to earn money in an illegitimate way Youll also be capable of test how a lot cash you could rankup and once youve gone by all of the ranks youll be able to be free and go away the prison to do anything you need in the surface world!