Whereas the sum of money we're speaking about is arguably comparatively small compared to the cash-cow that Blizzard is milking right now, nobody is denying it's unimportant. The best area is the one that is physically closest to you (so you possibly can have as little server delay as possible) and the one that uses language which you'll be able to understand. So I think there must be a lot of people like me out there who can play nicely but can't get into (or in the event that they do, can't keep in for very lengthy) a serious “hardcore” PvEing guild, as a result of if you do not raid day-after-day, there are one hundred other individuals waiting to hitch the guild who will raid daily, so it's onerous to remain in a hardcore guild if WoW is a informal enjoyable “game” for you. Once you play WoW, you have to decide on a server to play on.